Deb the Copywriter

Vista Climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro

Public Relations Special Event

Public Relations Special Event

The Vista Climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro

Public Service

Special Event/Cause

The Story
An anything-but-ordinary news conference. A group of blind climbers scaled the clock tower at Albany City Hall, more than 100 feet straight up, to kick off fundraising efforts for their expedition to Tanzania to conquer Africa’s highest peak, Mt. Kilimanjaro. The point of The Climb was to send a message to the world: Blindness is merely a sensory loss, and blind people aren’t that different from the sighted population. Mission accomplished!

My Role
As Public Relations Director at Smith & Jones Communications, I planted the seed for the news conference (“Climb something…something big…in a way that will make a splash with the media!”). I wrote the story on the logo (that’s right, we developed a text logo that could be read to blind people, instead of a traditional visual logo that could only be described). And I promoted it to the media, scoring coverage by CNN Headline News (for a 24- hour news cycle), NBC Radio Network / Mutual Broadcasting Systems, WRGB-TV 6, WNYT-TV 13, WTEN-TV 10, the Albany Times Union, the Troy Record, the Schenectady Daily Gazette, and WPTRAM.

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